When thinking of ways to improve appearance, a neck lift seldom comes to mind.  However a neck lift is a great way to reduce jowls and create a much more youthful jaw line.  Often when women age, the tissue of the neck begins to sag and drape forming what is frequently called a “turkey neck.”  Jowls also form in women of certain age as years of skin damage add up and layers of fat begin to droop along the jaw line.  Many people believe that jowls are only a problem for overweight women, but all body types may find extra tissue growing under the cheeks and below the jaw.

Lax skin plus gravity are the key factors that combine to create turkey neck and a drooping chin.  As we age, we lose collagen and elastin in the facial tissue.  This is caused simply by the aging process as well as by skin damage.  Some contributing influences are overexposure to the sun, smoking, alcohol use, diet, and weight gain or loss.  As the skin dries out, it pulls away from the underlying layers and produces lines and wrinkles.  Gravity then takes hold and drags down the facial tissue causing pockets of fat to accumulate and skin to drape and fold.  This is most common in the neck area and lower face.

How a Neck Lift can improve appearance:

A neck lift can address these issues by tightening up the skin and restoring a more youthful jaw line.  Traditional neck surgery can be extensive and involve several weeks of recovery, but Dr. Dominic, a facial plastic surgeon in Tampa, uses a less invasive method that speeds recovery while providing excellent results.  The Simplicity Neck Lift involves a small incision made below the chin to allow the surgeon to tighten the excess tissue.  In this procedure, both the skin and underlying muscle will be stretched to create a permanent fix to a sagging neck and jaw.  This will remove the vertical and/or horizontal bands in the neck while restoring the angle between the chin and neck.

In some cases, facial liposuction may be recommended to remove any pockets of fat that have accumulated over the years.  Both the lift and liposuction can be completed in one session and do not require any additional surgeries to craft the desired look.  The Simplicity Method that Dr. Dominic uses involves a special “pulley” stitch that will create a sling to support the neck tissues.

Simplicity Neck Lift offers less invasive surgery

The recovery time following a Simplicity neck lift is relatively short – only a week or two at most to heal.  However the results are impressive and permanent.  Dr. Dominic and the board-certified medical team at the fully accredited Elite Facial Plastic Surgery specialize in minimally invasive procedures that produce the most natural facial improvements.  According to Dr. Dominic, “plastic surgery is as much an art as a science….there are many ways to accomplish the goals of the patient but to do so in a way that looks perfectly natural takes a lot of experience and great deal of medical skill.”

If you are interested in learning more about how a neck lift can restore the beauty of your neck and reduce the appearance of jowls, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Dominic.  Elite Facial Plastic Surgery in Tampa is a fully accredited medical facility.  Please call (813) 975-3223 or contact us online for more information.



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