The results of cosmetic surgery are worth the pain of recovery, but there are ways that you can ensure that it’s a part of the process that goes as smoothly as possible. To ensure that your pain is properly controlled during plastic surgery recovery, from a face lift procedure, for example, here are some tips that you can apply before and after your surgery:

1. Discuss medications before your procedure – the day of your surgery you may not remember to get in all of the questions you have about medications, so make a point to discuss what’s involved as part of the recovery process during a consultation. Asking about a schedule as to how/when you will need to take pills for pain control is beneficial so you remember clearly once you’re at home recovering.

2. Make sure you discuss your history with medications – you’re in a better position to discuss your history with specific medications before a procedure. If you’ve experienced adverse side effects with specific medications, let your doctor know. The same applies to allergies or drugs that are ineffective for pain management for you.

3. Stick to a schedule – maintaining a schedule with your medication will help make plastic surgery recovery much easier. Do also plan that schedule around your daily activities as you become a bit mobile around the house, for example, so your medication has kicked in right on time for more rigorous activity that could cause pain.

3. Once home, plan ahead with your medications – it’s beneficial to take your medications on a schedule to prevent pain from being experienced at all, but you may also want to plan this schedule around the times you’re likely to be up or doing something that might increase the pain.

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