When I speak to potential rhinoplasty patients at my Tampa practice, they sometimes ask me about the latest non-medical gimmicks that claim to reshape facial features without plastic surgery. I have heard mentions of everything from plastic adjusters to nostril clips to silicone shapers supposedly designed to alter the appearance of the face without any basis in medical science.

The fact is, these novelty products just don’t work. As appealing or intriguing as they may be, shapers and stretchers cannot deliver long-term results comparable to a transformation created with a surgical or non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Getting Past the Gimmick

Here’s an example of a terrible product: a silicone “face slimmer” claiming to tighten mouth muscles, eliminate wrinkles and reverse signs of aging. The product description boasts it will “help shape the overall look of your face,” but take a quick look at the reviews and you will quickly see customers aren’t happy with the lack of results.

These gimmicky products would have you believe that holding your face in a certain position for a long period of time has the power to reshape your muscles and dramatically change your face. Unfortunately, there is no real physiological change happening here.

Without surgical intervention or even non-surgical filler treatments, you are wasting your time and money on products that won’t deliver. A plastic nose lifter can’t make your nose appear smaller, more symmetrical or in better harmony with the rest of your face. The good news is, a real rhinoplasty can.

Why Rhinoplasty Is Worth It

Nose surgery can provide noticeable, measurable improvement to concerns including:

  • Nose size
  • Nose width
  • Nose profile (depressions or bumps)
  • Nasal tips that are too upturned or bulbous and drooping
  • Nostril size and symmetry
  • Breathing or septum issues

A surgical approach offers a significant restructuring of the nose with long-lasting results. We can formulate a customized treatment plan to address your specific concerns, so you won’t have to depend on a mass-produced item to create your ideal look. No online purchase can compare.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Alternatives

For patients who want real results but aren’t yet ready to take on a surgical rhinoplasty, injectable fillers provide a great compromise. These non-surgical procedures are effective for minimizing the appearance of bumps, balancing out sharp bends and supporting or lifting up downturned tips. You can expect noticeable results for up to a year with a minimally invasive experience. It’s a much worthier investment than plastic nostril clips that will end up in the garbage next week.

Our Tampa board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Dominic is excited to meet you and help you reach your aesthetic goals through rhinoplasty. Interested in taking the next step with a surgical or non-surgical rhinoplasty? Contact us to request a consultation.

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