topic of plastic surgery and injectable fillers is often open to a lot of different opinions.  Some people in Tampa think that we should all age naturally and never resort to any procedures to enhance beauty, while others readily will try any new remedy to improve their looks.  Most of the time, you will find those that object to facial enhancement would never give up their trips to the salon, the nail parlor or stop using make-up or other products.  The fact is that for some people in Florida, plastic surgery and injectables can help restore confidence by reducing wrinkles and make them look as young as they feel.

Most agree that the importance of beauty has remained constant in all cultures.  In the Western world, full lips, symmetry, smooth skin, and proportionate facial features have all become celebrated and sought after.  While old age remains associated with wisdom and maturity, it is not generally associated with beauty, and as a consequence as they age many Americans turn to plastic surgeons for help to regain their confidence.

While some may wish there was not as much of an emphasis on looking young, the reality is that attractive people land jobs more easily, earn more money and find it easier to make friends and get dates.  Media influence has reinforced many of these ideas about beauty so it does put pressure on those that suffer from premature aging or have facial flaws that detract from their appearance.  Often those that object to facial enhancements have a skewed view of plastic surgery and often point out celebrities that have gone overboard on facial procedures.  However, like most things, when done in moderation and by a skilled surgeon, the outcome can make a very positive impact in terms of improving self-confidence.

Plastic surgery is far more accessible today than in years past.  Huge improvements in dermal fillers make it possible to reduce wrinkles and firm up the face without having to go under the knife.  This means that not only are costs much lower for non-surgical options but also there is no downtime necessary.  Surgical procedures have also seen advancements so more can be done with fewer incisions and less time out of work.  For example, Dr. Dominic Castellano, a board-certified plastic facial surgeon in Tampa, Florida utilizes the Simplicity Face Lift that requires only 2 small incisions made above the ears with a special pulley stitch that tightens the facial tissue and underlying muscle to reduce the signs of aging.  This is an amazing procedure that allows the patient to activities more quickly and is far less invasive that traditional face-lift surgery.

Thanks to the variety of both surgical and nonsurgical procedures available, there are options that can achieve natural looking results ranging from reshaping facial features to simply filling in lines or tucking sagging skin.  These procedures offer everyone an opportunity to retain his or her youthful look and beauty but still retain a naturally pleasing appearance.  Many people who have had plastic surgery report feeling less depressed and more self-assured in their daily lives.  So there is no longer a reason to be intimidated by old age or disappointed by bad genes—plastic surgery is the perfect tool to help achieve the look your desire.

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