While you may not have previously considered having plastic surgery, there are certain situations that may spark the thought that some plastic surgery work may be an option.

Sometimes it is a life change that precipitates the desire to have a plastic surgery procedure.  It may be a change in a career, end of a marriage or a move to a different area that makes us think that it is time to make improvements.  Whatever the reason, make sure that you are making changes for the right reason and be sure to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon at an accredited medical facility before undergoing any treatment.

Here is a list of the top 5 situations you might experience that signal that you’re ready to consider some plastic surgery procedures.

1.  Being mistaken as your best friend’s older sister or aunt. Ironically, you are actually two years younger but have spent more time in the Florida sun than they have up North.

2.  Realizing that your makeup now exaggerates facial lines rather than hiding wrinkles. At some point, foundation stops subtly filling in small skin creases and begins gather and accentuate the flesh-colored valleys.

3.  You look in the mirror and realize that you’re starting to look like your mother. And she’s in her 70s!  Where did all those lines come from anyway?

4.  At the high school reunion, friends do not recognize you and ask if you are from the class of 1975?  But you graduated in 1982, kept a trim figure, and spent a fortune on this dress.

5.  Being offered a senior discount when you are only in your late 40’s. Ouch!

If you have experienced any of these (or other) situations, it may be time to consider seeing a plastic surgeon.  The good news is that there are many non-surgical options available that can help you look and feel younger.  Plus at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Dominic utilizes advancements in surgical procedures that make surgery less invasive and require less downtime.

If you are considering a plastic surgery procedure and would like to schedule a complimentary consultation at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, please call 813-975-3223 or visit online.

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