While cosmetic surgery procedures have been used to combat the effects of aging for a long time, new studies show that there are more people than ever aged 65 and older that are choosing to go under the knife in order to look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside. In the year 2000 a mere 7% of men and women 65+ were getting plastic surgery during the year. Today, that number has soared by 352%. There are a variety of reasons that could explain the increase.

  • plastic surgery on the whole is becoming more commplace. It’s acceptable to talk about it and those who actually have it don’t need to feel like they have to hide.
  • With more information readily available to older adults via the internet, they may feel better informed and more confident in following through with plastic surgery
  • seniors see other older adults in the media (like celebrities) discussing how they’ve benefited from plastic surgery and it peaks their interest.

Plastic surgery can make anyone feel like they look as they should, but for seniors in particular, aging can make them feel as though they’ve lost a part of themselves when they know longer look as they once did. Those who choose plastic surgery for themselves can find that they get their lives back!

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