A new report was published this week that indicated just how close the link is between plastic surgery and career success. It might not be surprising to you that research has shown that more attractive people get further in their jobs simply because they are perceived as more reliable, honest and intelligent. Attractive individuals also seem to have more respect in the workplace, and often earn a substantially higher wage for their position than the average employee. With this research in mind, a poll was completed to determine whether or not women would consider plastic surgery if they felt that it would help them advance in their careers. A large percentage of them said they would!

According to the results of this study, 1 in 5 women said that they would get plastic surgery to get them further ahead at work. Women are being more vocal about plastic surgery today and aren’t afraid to use it to their advantage; at least not the 1 in 5 women polled who said they’d get cosmetic surgery for their career. This study did not include those who would get plastic surgery for other reasons unrelated to their career goals.

Statistics show that plastic surgery will benefit women at work, but there are some additional ways that it can help improve their 9-5 life! For example, the increased confidence that it offers. Women who feel confident and like the way they look in their own skin are more likely to go after what they want in the workplace. Of course, this also filters into their personal lives and relationships, because looking better is strong encouragement for self-improvement and feeling better!

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