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There are men and women in Tampa that have thought about cosmetic surgery only to be scared off by the bad plastic surgery results shown on the internet. This is understandable because horrible disfigurements and grossly unnatural plastic surgery results are newsworthy or at least fodder for gossip. While most patients are really happy with their procedures and the great outcomes, the good results are not likely to be shared online unless a celebrity is involved. No wonder why some people think twice about going to a plastic surgeon. The fact is the right surgeon can help make improvements that can be positively life changing.

Laser Skin and Facelift Treatment Patient Before and AfterMost Plastic Surgery Results are Positive

A person’s conception of what is beautiful can vary from person to person. So it makes sense that not every patient has the same goals and vision of how they should look post-surgery. For example, in some cultures or within different age groups, some women may prefer that the plastic surgery results look rather obvious. Some want to have overly puffy lips or a more windblown appearance. However, according to many top caliber plastic surgeons, the best plastic surgery should make the patient look younger and more attractive but still natural. According to Dr. Dominic M. Castellano, an expert Facial Plastic Surgeon in Tampa, the outcome of the surgery or procedure should complement the patient’s appearance but not be readily apparent to others. “When done correctly, the patient’s friends may ask ‘Did you get a new haircut or a great night’s sleep… you look great.’ This is what quality plastic surgery looks like to the experts.”

Good Plastic Surgery Results Depend on Surgeon

Dr. Castellano says meeting with patients during the initial consultation is often the most important part of the entire procedure. “During the complimentary consultation, I have a chance to meet one on one with the patient to discuss their goals, their concerns and answer all their questions. At that time, we can determine what procedure works best for them, which may be a different treatment than what they anticipated coming into the office. We really focus on providing natural results at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery Rejuvenation and will never do a procedure that does not reflect our philosopy. Like a good hair stylist, we will not do anything that will not look complimentary to the patient… even if a certain look is requested. Our results make the patient look beautiful, but natural. If a patient insists that they really do want ‘fish lips’ or a tightly pulled facelift, we will be happy to send them to a surgeon that would be comfortable with that type of plastic surgery result.

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