A new trend shows a number of teens and children have been undergoing cosmetic surgery such as ear surgery and rhinoplasty to prevent bullying. Children are seeking plastic surgery to correct facial flaws they believe cause their harassment.  According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), 218 909 procedures were performed on teenagers in 2010. Though the ASPS has not taken a stand on the issue, there are some facts that should be considered:

  • Prominent anti bullying campaigns do not endorse cosmetic surgery to prevent bullying. They promote getting parents and schools involved to change a bully’s behavior.
  • Some experts fear cosmetic surgery will cause more problems in teens than it will fix.
  • Plastic surgery as a form of anti bullying sends the message that a child is not good enough until they undergo corrective surgery to fit in.
  • There are a number of new, non invasive treatments to correct minor appearance deformities at birth.
  • There are many factors that attribute to bullying besides appearance.

In some cases, teens who have undergone corrective cosmetic surgery to prevent bullying believe the procedures have helped with their self esteem and their bullying problems. Though some cases may yield successful results, many teens are getting plastic surgery for the wrong reasons.  It is important that plastic surgeons ascertain the desires of their teen patients before agreeing to put them under the knife. Parents also need to step in and help their children make responsible decisions.

Discuss Teen Plastic Surgery with a Plastic Surgeon

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