Congratulations on the engagement!

Here is a fun new fact in the wedding world. According to New Beauty there is more to wedding arrangements than flowers, food, entertainment, and seating. The newest trend is bride-to-be and groom-to-be cosmetic treatments in order to look picture perfect on their big day.

As if preparing for your wedding wasn’t enough!

Dr. Dominic at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery has been experiencing this pre-wedding day trend as well. More and more newly engaged couples are trying to correct their appearance before the wedding. After all, many consider their wedding day to be the most important day of their live. So why not look your best?

One of the most popular treatments requested by the bride and groom are the non-invasive procedures such as Botox and fillers. Elite Facial Plastic Surgery has a number of patients come in for Botox and fillers  because treatments are quick and effective. Whether it is for the big day or big event, these quick fixes leave you looking younger and brighter than before.

Just remember to allow some down time before cosmetic treatment and the wedding! Cosmetic treatments are not overnight solutions. Elite Facial Plastic Surgery’s plastic surgeon highly recommends that treatments are planned accordingly with the wedding. Simply follow the suggested timeline below.

  • Minimum of four weeks between a surgical procedure and event.
  • Minimum of seven days in advance for injectables.

By taking these precautions you will allow yourself enough time for needed touch-up or healing time incase minimal bruising develops.

Call Elite Facial Plastic Surgery in Tampa, FL today and look stunning for your big day!

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