We are constantly being reminded that physical appearances do make a difference and thinning eyelashes can create some issues for aging women. There are many factors that can  effect  your eyelashes. When they begin to thin and fall out, you may benefit from a visit to the doctor for an explanation. In some cases, it is a normal cycle of the eyelashes, but there may also be a medical problem that causes the lashes to become thin.

Some of the main reasons for thinning eyelashes can include:

  • Improper care of the lashes
  • Trauma
  • Medical conditions
  • Drug interactions
  • Age
  • Normal cycle of the eyelashes

When you neglect to care for your eyelashes by not removing makeup daily, or by rubbing and scrubbing the lashes, the hairs will begin to fall out. Makeup should be removed gently each day by using mineral oil. This will help to reduce the need for scrubbing.

Some medical conditions can also cause the eye lashes to become thin. Hyperthyroidism and HIV are common medical problems that will affect eyelash hairs. Some prescribed drugs will also result in the loss of body hair. Lashes will usually grow back after the medication is stopped.

Age is something we simply cannot control. As we get older, the hair of the eyelashes will become thin. With age, there are things you can do to hide these thinning lashes. Eyelash tinting, false lashes and makeup will often do the trick.

At Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, our doctors can help you battle the issue of thinning lashes. Eyelash tinting is a common procedure that can drastically improve the look of eyelashes that are beginning too thin.

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