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Recovery time following plastic surgery has shortened dramatically in recent years thanks to advances in recovery technology as well as simplified surgical techniques that are less invasive. The amount of time patients should budget for their recovery may vary greatly between procedures, but there are similar things to expect following many common types of cosmetic surgery.

Length of Recovery

Many of the more common cosmetic procedures should be followed by about a week of rest and recuperation. Some procedures, especially those that involve removing skin or opening significant incisions may take two to four weeks.

Recover in Stages

Most people prefer to spend a day or two after the surgery in bed. However, once a patient feels up to it, he or she should get up and start moving around. Avoid strenuous exercise or heavy lifting until the recovery is a little more advanced, however.

Common Side Effects

Bruising and soreness are the most common side effects of most plastic surgery procedures. Swelling is also common, especially after facial procedures. Patients who are concerned about appearing in public with tell-tale signs of plastic surgery may want to schedule a slightly longer recovery to ensure that all the bruises have had time to fade.

Plastic surgery is generally fairly painless to recover from. However, it is important to keep in touch with a doctor in case complications develop.

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