Those considering eyelid surgery in Tampa, will often ask about recovery from blepharoplasty.  This surgery is a way to improve appearance, and sometimes vision, by repairing droopy eyelids.  Blepharoplasty is a procedure that removes excess skin and fatty deposits from the eyelids to reduce the slackness.  It is usually done on either the upper or lower lids, but both sets can be corrected at the same time if necessary.  The recovery from blepharoplasty will vary depending on the type of surgery and on the patient but in most cases it is easy so long as you follow the surgeon’s follow up instructions.

Recovery from Blepharoplasty Depends Procedure

Blepharoplasty plays a vital role in facial rejuvenation.  While people with droopy upper eyelids may suffer from obscured vision, most that opt for eyelid surgery do so to improve appearance.  Sagging upper lids create heavy looking eyes which can lead to an Blepharoplasty Patient Before and After Eyesaged appearance.  In many cases, the drooping lids are mistaken for illness, intoxication or sleepiness which can be frustrating for those afflicted.  Baggy lower lids will form a ‘hound-dog’ look with puffiness, thick bags and dark circles under the eyes.  Blepharoplasty can restore a naturally younger appearance by removing the excess skin tissue and fatty deposits to allow the eyes to once again open fully.

There are a couple of different techniques used by plastic surgeons in Tampa to accomplish the surgery.  The traditional method is done using a scalpel to make a small incision along the natural fold of the eyelid to remove the fat pocket and to excise the extra skin.  Sometimes in lower blepharoplasty, the incision is made along the inside of the lower lid to hide any scar tissue.  This can also be done by a laser instead of a scalpel which is the preferred method of some surgeons.  According to Dr. Dominic M. Castellano, using a laser is advantageous because it delivers ultimate precision, limits bleeding and it helps reduce bruising and swelling.  “This helps speed the recovery from blepharoplasty and makes healing more comfortable for the patient.”

How Long is Recovery from Blepharoplasty?

Recovery from blepharoplasty will then depend on the technique used as well as the extent of the surgery.  Most patients have either upper or lower eyelid surgery, but there are some that require correction to both sets of lids which will generally require a slightly longer recuperation period.    Recovery from eyelid surgery is actually pretty painless and is easier than you might expect for surgery near your eyes.  According to Dr. Castellano of Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, “it is best to take at least a week off from work to allow any bruising to subside, but my patients often feel quite comfortable within a couple of days following surgery.” He recommends using cool compresses for 48 hours after the procedure to help relieve the swelling but that most can resume light activity within the week.  At two weeks post, most patients look good enough for public appearance.  Your recovery will depend on your susceptibility to bruising in general and your body’s ability to heal.

Suggestions to Improve Recovery from Blepharoplasty

When researching your options for eyelid surgery, always seek out a board-certified facial plastic surgeon.  The skin around the eyes is very delicate and it takes a skilled hand to do the surgery in a way that delivers optimal results.  Make sure your surgeon has much experience with blepharoplasty and will take the time to meet with you to discuss the procedure in advance.  The surgery should be done in a medically accredited facility which will allow for the upmost safety in case of any rare complications.  Make sure you ask for information about how the procedure will be performed and what to expect post-surgery.

If you are interested in learning more about blepharoplasty, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery in Tampa.  Our facility is a fully accredited medical facility under the direction of our expert (double board-certified) plastic surgeon Dr. Dominic Castellano.  Please call (813) 975-3223 or contact us via e-mail to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Dominic.

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