Many women in Tampa have struggled to find a way to reduce fat thighs without extreme dieting or surgery.  Unfortunately, women tend to gain weight in certain areas and it is difficult to remove stubborn fat from the lower abdomen, buttocks and thighs.  Even those that watch their calories and exercise regularly still find pockets of fat in these same areas.  Some women have turned to surgical solutions such as liposuction to try to reduce fat thighs and abdominal bulges, but lipo can be dangerous and expensive.  There is a new non-invasive treatment available to target these stubborn areas and reduce fat without the need for surgery or for intensive dieting.

Liposuction to Reduce Fat Thighs

When women age, they often find that fat deposits start to develop even if they are careful with their diet and adhere to an exercise program.  This is often because women’s hormones trigger fat to gather in certain regions of the body.  Women will often find it easy to add weight in the lower belly, hips, buttock and upper thigh area, while men will more likely gain in the mid-abdominal region.  Once these fat deposits have developed, it is difficult to get rid of them.  When diet and exercise fail, body-conscience women may consider liposuction to try to get rid of the cellulite and fatty tissue.

Liposuction is a way of surgically removing fat from beneath the skin.  The procedure should always be done by a medical professional and it works by “vacuuming” fat cells from body.  After anesthesia is administered, the surgeon will make a series of small incisions in area to be treated and then insert a small hollow tube (or cannula) to suction out fat cells.  This will often help to reduce fat pockets but can also harm healthy tissue cells during the process.  Although the process has become safer over the years, there is still a risk of complications as a result of liposuction.  Some of the more dangerous risks include seroma (tissue fluid collection), blood clots and fat emboli (fat particles that can block circulation in the heart or brain).  Also, the other hazards are a tendency for scarring, changes in pigmentation, and asymmetry.  In the thigh area, liposuction carries the additional risk of contour irregularities that can be less attractive than the heavy thighs.

Reduce Fat Thighs without Surgery

Diet and exercise can only do so much once the fat deposits have settled into the hip and thigh area.  Many women find that they are able to lose weight in many areas but are still plagued with cellulite and stubborn fat along their thighs, belly and buttocks.  A recent breakthrough in technology has created a new way of reducing pockets of stubborn fat without surgery or downtime.  Coolsculpting is a process that works by freezing fat cells until they die off and are permanently eliminated from the body.  This has been a successful way to reduce handfuls of fat in areas such as the lower abdomen or buttocks area.  However, the process only worked on areas that could be suctioned into the machine.

According to Dr. Dominic M. Castellano, the Coolsculpting technology has been an excellent way to reduce fat for many patients at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery in Tampa.  “Coolsculpting can permanently remove 25 to 40% of the fat cells in the areas treated and it is entirely non-invasive.  The process is revolutionary at reducing pockets of stubborn fat but has only worked on areas where you could grab a handful of fat.  A new development called CoolSmooth now allows us to work on flatter areas of the body such as along the flanks or thighs.”

CoolSmooth Applicator Helps Reduce Fat Thighs

The new CoolSmooth Wand allows the same fat freezing technology to be applied to areas without using suction.  “This means that the new applicator gives us a wider range of areas where we can treat stubborn fat. The CoolSmooth wand can be placed on the thighs to reduce-fat-thighsreduce stubborn fat just as effectively as it has done on belly fat.  This treatment is done in an hour or two (depending on the areas being addressed) in our office in Tampa.  The patient is able to sit comfortably during the procedure and it is entirely painless.  It will take two to three months for the results to materialize but once the fat is eliminated, it is gone for good.”

If you would like to learn more about how to reduce fat thighs or any areas of stubborn fat, please contact Elite Facial Plastic Surgery to schedule a complimentary consultation.  At that time, we can determine if Coolsculpting or CoolSmooth would work to help you thin problem areas and achieve the body you want.  Elite Facial Plastic Surgery is a fully accredited medical facility located in Tampa, Florida.  Dr. Dominic Castellano is double-board certified and is a highly respected and experienced plastic surgeon.  Contact us or call (813)975-3223 today to schedule your complimentary visit or go to our website for more information

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