Do you see furrows and wrinkles in your forehead that make you look tense or tired?  It may be that you are scowling more than you realize. Facial expressions caused by stress, anger or tension can lead to forehead wrinkles.  If you want to lessen their appearance, a brow lift can really help.   A brow lift can restore a younger, more relaxed look to your entire face.

What do forehead wrinkles say about you?

Aging is inevitable, and one of the first parts of the face to show age is the forehead.  As we age, skin becomes stretched and loses its elasticity.  This is what causes wrinkles.  Wrinkles in the forehead can be particularly noticeable and bothersome because they also make us Forehead Wrinkles Before and After Procedurelook tense and tired.  And being tense, tired and angry can create forehead muscles as well.  This is because sagging skin in the forehead has gravity really working against us.  As the skin sags, it pushes down against the eyebrows and eyelids, causing a tired, stressed expression that can also make us look older than our years.

There is an expression that says, “The eyes are the window to the soul.”  Well, if that’s true, the eyebrows are the window dressing.   The position of our eyebrows lets the world know how we are feeling.  If we are upset, angry, thoughtful or sad, our eyebrows give us away.  Unfortunately, when we begin to age our eyebrows can sag and droop.  Along with forehead wrinkles, sagging eyebrows can portray something about us that isn’t accurate.  Reducing forehead wrinkles and lifting the eyebrows can actually make you look more calm, rested and happier. If you have been asked too often if you are angry or sad when you were feeling fine, it may be time to look into ways to reduce forehead wrinkles. 

How to Reduce Forehead Wrinkles

There are several ways to reduce forehead wrinkles.  Dermal fillers are an effective way to reduce them temporarily.  Botox is also an injectable solution to forehead wrinkles, but each of these procedures has to be repeated every 6 to 9 months to keep the wrinkles at bay.  Permanent wrinkle reduction involves surgery.  Forehead wrinkles are treated surgically with a brow lift, which repositions the skin, underlying tissue and muscles in the forehead to minimize horizontal creases.  The surgery tightens the skin and muscles, reducing wrinkles and raising the eyebrows to produce a more rested, pleasant look.

There are a few different brow lift techniques used by cosmetic surgeons.  One of the most recent approaches is an endoscopic brow lift but this technique is actually more complex and doesn’t produce the results that Dr. Dominic Castellano prefers.  The more traditional approach is used at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery because it provides maximum results and an easier recovery time.  Dr. Dominic makes small incisions along the hairline, allowing him to tighten the muscles and smooth the skin beautifully.  The incisions heal quickly and are virtually invisible once the procedure is completed. Best of all, the procedure can be completed in about an hour on an outpatient basis and the recovery time is minimal.

Will a Brow Lift reduce Forehead Wrinkles and Look Natural?

Wrinkles are always an issue as we get older.  Forehead wrinkles, sagging eyebrows and drooping eyelids tend to be more troublesome than wrinkles in other areas of the face because they occur so early in life.  They also make us look tired and worried so the elimination of these wrinkles can have a subtle but dramatic effect on our appearance.  The word “subtle” is the key here.  It is important not to look like you are holding your eyebrows up unnaturally.  Dr. Dominic is committed to helping you reduce forehead wrinkles, open up your eyes, and lift your drooping eyebrows while maintaining a very natural appearance.  The brow lift will relax your face and forehead but will not create a “surprised” look or have anyone wondering if you’ve had surgery.  You will simply look younger, happier and more vibrant.

What’s the First Step to Reducing Forehead Wrinkles?

The first step is a consultation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who can evaluate the extent of your forehead wrinkles and recommend the right procedure for you.  During the consultation, the doctor will review your medical history with you and answer all of your questions about the procedure. Elite Facial Plastic Surgery offers complimentary consultations so that you can get all of the information you need prior to making a decision.  Dr. Castellano is double-certified, which makes him one of the most highly trained cosmetic surgeons in Tampa.  Elite Facial Plastic Surgery is a fully accredited medical facility staffed with experienced professionals who will be there to fully support you during and after the procedure.  Contact us today or call (813) 975-3223 to schedule your consultation or visit



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