A Simplicity Facelift is a cosmetic surgery procedure available in Tampa designed to help men and women to attain a more youthful facial appearance.  As we get older, our skin commonly loses elasticity and begins to sag.  Once the skin becomes lax, wrinkles will form, the cheeks become hollow and the underlying fat tissue will often gather along the jaw line forming jowls.  A Simplicity Facelift can address all these issues to help you look naturally younger.

What is a Simplicity Facelift?

A Simplicity Facelift is a procedure that was developed by Dr. Dominic Castellano’s mentor, a facial plastic surgeon.  Dr. Dominic has been in practice for over 20 years in the Tampa region and enjoys providing a less invasive type of face lift surgery.  Traditional facelift surgery can be very extensive requiring multiple incisions and a long period of recovery.  Dr. Dominic uses a special ‘pulley-stitch’ that allows him to lift the skin, underlying tissue and muscle to tighten up the skin and provide a younger, more natural appearance.

The Simplicity Lift offers many of the same benefits of traditional surgery but entails only two small incisions made above and behind the ears.  This allows Dr. Dominic to access the muscles in order to tauten up the facial muscles that have become too loose to hold the skin firmly in place.  Unlike some other ‘mini facelifts’ such as the Lifestyle Lift or laser lifts, this procedure addresses all the layers that have create the wrinkles and sagging.  The other procedures that advertise less invasive surgery often work only on the outer layers of skin to provide a temporary fix, whereas the Simplicity Lift is a long term solution.

The Benefits of the Simplicity Facelift

The Simplicity Facelift can help you to look younger by tightening and lifting the cheeks and firming up the neck.  It will help to minimize jowls and create a more defined jawline.  Because the procedure is less invasive than traditional facelift surgery, the downtime is significantly reduces and there is very minimal scarring.  The procedure is done on an outpatient basis and takes less than a couple of hours in the office to complete under local anesthesia.

The Simplicity Facelift is a proprietary procedure that is only available at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery in Tampa.  Dr. Dominic and his medical staff have perfected this signature surgery to provide the most natural results.  With some facelift operations, the patient can look overly stretched or “plastic” but the Simplicity Lift will tighten the skin and underlying muscle enough to reduce wrinkles and reduce jowls while not overdoing it to the point where it appears unnatural.  Dr. Dominic and his medical team are well known for their excellent work in helping patients to achieve their desired look with the least invasive methods possible.

Is a Simplicity Facelift Right for You?

If you are interested in learning more about the Simplicity Facelift procedure and want to determine if it is right for you, please call the Elite Facial Plastic Surgery to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Dominic. Elite Facial Plastic Surgery is a fully accredited medical facility under the direction of Dr. Dominic Castellano. Dr. Dominic is a highly respected, board-certified facial plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. The medical team is highly trained and specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and injectable procedures. Call (813) 975-3223 today to schedule your complimentary visit or go to our website for more information www.EliteTampa.com

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