Wrinkles around your eyes are often the first to appear if you are living in Tampa or anywhere there is an abundance of sunshine.  All the squinting and sun exposure tends to add up over the years and appear as crow’s feet and wrinkles under the eyes.  These fine lines can begin to Eye Model Close Viewappear even at a relatively early age, making you look older and less vibrant.  Find out how to avoid and reduce wrinkles around your eyes.

Avoid Wrinkles around your Eyes

The best course of action is always to avoid getting wrinkles in the first place.  This is far easier said than done but there are some tools that keep your skin looking younger.  To avoid wrinkles around your eyes, it is important to:

  • Limit the amount of time that you spend in the sun.
  • If you are out in the sun, wear a hat that provides shade for your eyes.
  • Always wear good-quality sunglasses with polarizing lens
  • Apply sunscreen every day – especially on cloudy days and even in the winter
  • Use moisturizing eye creams at night
  • Do not smoke and avoid alcohol as both will dry out your skin
  • Drink lots of water and eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables
  • Wear reading glasses if needed and avoid squinting whenever possible
  • Don’t make facial expressions using your eyes, don’t blink and don’t grow old

OK, so the last suggestion is entirely impossible to manage but the reality is that the skin around the eyes is subject to a lot of movement on a daily basis.  This thin skin around the eyes will tend to wrinkle sooner than elsewhere because of exposure to the sun (or any drying elements) plus the constant motion.  Crow’s feet are usually the first to develop but wrinkles under the eyes are also very common.

Reduce Wrinkles around the Eyes

Once wrinkles have formed, there are some ways to reduce their appearance and even stave off further creasing.  Early treatment is best and Botox is one of the most recommended products on the market today to erase eye wrinkles.  Botox injections will temporarily “freeze” the muscles responsible for movements that contribute to the development of facial lines.  Not only will Botox allow the skin to relax and smooth out, but it can also help prevent wrinkles during the active treatment period.  Botox can work for three to six months on average before another treatment is needed to produce the same results.

Dermal fillers are also helpful at reducing crinkles by adding volume to fill depressions in the skin and to also help repair the skin’s elastic properties.  Dermal fillers are an effective way to treat under eye wrinkles and to fill in deeper furrows.  Many dermal fillers will last for six months to a year depending on the filler used and the area of placement.  According to Dr. Dominic, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and aesthetic injections expert at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, “Injectable fillers are a great way to improve the contours of your face and restore your youthful appearance without surgery and with little or no downtime.”  For deep wrinkles or heavily aged skin, there are also surgical treatments available which will provide permanent improvements.

Rely on Facial Experts to Reduce Wrinkles around the Eyes

These cosmetic treatments to reduce wrinkles are generally considered very safe when administered by a well-qualified facial surgeon or medical practitioner.  The side effects are usually minor and may include some initial bruising or soreness that will dissipate in a few days following the injection.  For the best results, it is highly recommended that the injections be done only by a medically trained person working within an accredited facility.  The placement of the injection and the dosage required are extremely important and should not be done at a private party or at a hair salon.  With Botox and dermal fillers, there is as much an art as a science to the injection process and so it is better to trust the experts with your most valuable possession… your face.

If you would like to find out more about how to reduce the wrinkles around your eyes, contact Elite Facial Plastic Surgery in Tampa to schedule a complimentary appointment for a consultation.  At that time, the facial experts can make a recommendation on the best product and treatment to reduce your facial lines and restore your youthful appearance.

Elite Facial Plastic Surgery is a fully accredited medical facility under the direction of expert plastic surgeon, Dominic M. Castellano, MD.  Please contact us as (813) 975-3223 to schedule your free initial consultation or go to our website at www.EliteTampa.com for more information.

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