There are several different ways to do nose surgery or rhinoplasty in Tampa and that means that rhinoplasty recovery time will differ based on the procedure.  Most assume that correcting the shape of the nose always involves surgery.  However new plastic surgery techniques have been developed that can correct certain nasal flaws without surgery.  Rhinoplasty recovery time from surgery will be longer than with non-surgical rhinoplasty but the surgical solution is permanent.  Non-surgical rhinoplasty can be beneficial for some patients, but is only a temporary correction and will need additional treatments to maintain the appearance.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Time Quick for Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is done by injecting dermal fillers into the nose or surrounding tissue to help contour and reshape the nose. This can help reduce the appearance of a hump or curve in the bridge of the nose.  Non-surgical rhinoplasty can also increase the projection of the nose to make the nose look longer or straighter.  Many times this technique is used to fill depressions or scars and to contour irregularities along the nose.  The recovery time is negligible as there is no surgery involved.  A plastic surgeon or experienced aesthetician can inject long-lasting dermal fillers during an office visit and the patient can return to work the next day if desired.  Depending on the type of dermal fillers used for the correction, the results can last from six months to eighteen months before retreatment is necessary.  While there may be some slight bruising or soreness immediately following the procedure, there are usually no side-effects or long lasting tenderness as a result of the treatment.  Non-surgical rhinoplasty is often used to make improvements in appearance for a specific event or time frame, or in some cases, to “try-on” the results before undergoing surgical rhinoplasty.

Surgical Rhinoplasty Recovery Time Varies

rhinoplasty-recovery-timeSurgical rhinoplasty can positively impact your appearance by changing the shape of your nose.  It is a difficult procedure and so you should always work with a well-qualified and experienced surgeon.  People often choose to undergo surgery to change the size or profile of their nose to better match their facial features.  If you nose is too big for your face, surgical rhinoplasty is the only option but can also be used to make permanent improvements in the shape or width of the nose.  The recovery time will depend on the extent of the surgery and if there are any changes that need to be made to the facial bones or cartilage.

In most cases, a patient should expect to be out for a week to ten days for recovery from rhinoplasty surgery.  According to expert plastic surgeon, Dr. Dominic M. Castellano, “a patient is often physically cleared to return to work after a week but may opt to take a little more time off to wait for the swelling or bruising to subside.  It often just depends on the patient to decide whether they feel ‘presentable’ in public or not.” The final results may take several weeks to appear so Dr. Castellano may recommend that surgery be scheduled four to six weeks prior to any major social events such as a wedding.  And each patient’s recovery time will depend on their body’s ability to heal.  “Some people are more prone to bruising than others” says Dr. Castellano, “so it may take longer for some to feel comfortable in public.”

Choose the Best Surgeon to Ensure Best Rhinoplasty Results

Since nose surgery is a complex surgical procedure, it is important to choose a board-certified facial plastic surgeon with years of experience in rhinoplasty.  Even if you opt for non-surgical rhinoplasty, the doctor’s knowledge and skill is the deciding factor in providing a natural appearance post-procedure.  If you are interested in improving your nose, please feel free to contact Dr. Castellano to schedule a complimentary consultation.  Dr. Castellano is double board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology and the America Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  He is an expert in the field of plastic surgery and has many years of experience in rhinoplasty.  He specializes in facial rejuvenation and focuses on aesthetic plastic surgery with natural looking results.  You can contact Dr. Dominic at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery in Tampa by calling 813.975-3223 or visiting our contact page.  Elite Facial Plastic Surgery is a fully accredited medical facility in Tampa.

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