If you are in the grocery aisle, you often see the question on the tabloid magazines: Did they or didn’t they have plastic surgery?   For some celebrities, having plastic surgery is a well-kept secret but other stars, will readily tell all “Yes, I did and here’s the name of my doctor.”  But whether they admit it, many celebrities have had work done on their face in order to continue thriving in the business.
Even in ordinary day to day life, our society values youth and beauty.  The fact is that the more attractive men and women have the edge in landing jobs, making more money, getting more dates, and even having more friends.  People that feel confident in their looks report having higher self-esteem and less depression.  And whether you like this reality or not, few can argue with the fact that beautiful people seem to have it all.

Unlike the past, it is really very easy to make positive changes to improve your facial contours without the need for extensive surgery or a ton of money.  The plastic surgery industry has created many new injectable products that can help the average person reduce wrinkles, improve the alignment of their nose, increase the plumpness or their lips or more.  According to Dr. Dominic Castellano, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Tampa, Florida, the vast improvement in dermal fillers and Botox has made a world of difference in his practice.  More people can afford the procedures because the costs have come down and injectable products do not require any recovery period so people no longer have to take weeks off from work.  Best of all, the new formulas available provide a much more natural look than even 10 years ago.

These dermal fillers and Botox type neurotoxins can be administered within a quick office visit and the results of the injections will show within a day or so.  If a good practitioner is doing the work, there can be remarkable improvements in appearance.  Dr. Dominic mentioned that while he still does surgical facelifts on patients, he can recreate the effect of a surgical lift simply using injectables.  While the “liquid facelift” will not last the way a surgical procedure does, it is a great way for someone to fix facial flaws or reduce wrinkles and look much younger than prior to the visit.

Some patients use the injectable method for a couple of years before committing to surgery, that way they can “try on” the results.  Plus, at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, they offer the Simplicity Facelift that is less invasive than the more extensive traditional facelift but provides long lasting enhancements that do not require as much recovery time or as much  of an investment.  No matter what type of facial improvement s you seek, be sure to do your homework and choose the best doctor.  There are many different companies that offer Botox treatments or Juvederm injections for the lips, but that are not well-trained, board certified medical personnel.  Even though the injections can be done relatively quickly, it takes a skilled hand with much knowledge of facial muscles to create a natural affect.   This is still a process better left to the experts and not to a hair stylist or a friend at a party.

If you have seen the celebrities on TV and wondered why they always look so beautiful and refreshed, and why you cannot achieve that same look using makeup at home then perhaps it is time to come in for a complimentary consultation.  The staff at the fully accredited Elite Facial Plastic Surgery can discuss the options, costs, and details for your consideration and at least you will have the information you need to make a decision about restoring a naturally youthful appearance.

Please contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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