A firm neck and well-defined jawline are signs of strength, passion and youth.  However, as we get older, the definition between the face and neck may become less distinct and the lower face may begin to blend into the neckline.  This happens to women in Tampa as a result of the aging process and is accelerated by exposure to the damaging rays of the sun.   A Simplicity Neck Lift is a way to reverse the effects of aging and re-establish a clear jawline that will allow you to look younger and slimmer.

Is a Neck Lift Necessary?

Many women are aware of the importance of skin care and take measures to prevent facial aging.    Regular application of moisturizing cream and daily use of sunscreen can help to keep the face looking younger.  But do you give you neck the same level of attention?

Many women do not spend as much time or effort on the skin below the jawline and this oversight will often become apparent later in life.  The skin on the neck is thin and has less fatty tissue than the face.  There are also fewer capillaries to carry blood to the surface of the neck so the skin on the neck is often dry.  This means that the neck tissue tends to age at a faster rate.  Once the skin of the neck and lower face has lost its elastic properties, it will begin to wrinkle and sag.  At that point, a neck lift is the only way to firm up the neck and to restore the definition of the jawline.

What is a Simplicity Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a procedure that can tighten up the skin along the front of the neck to diminish wrinkling and sagging.  This procedure often involves removing excess fat to restore the proper angle of the neck and jaw.  A Simplicity Neck Lift is a technique that is used by Dr. Dominic Castellano, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Tampa.  The main difference between traditional face lift surgery and the proprietary Simplicity Lift is in number and size of the incisions made to allow the doctor to access the underlying muscles of the neck.

In a traditional neck lift, there are usually two incisions made behind the ear and another made directly under the jaw to provide an entry in order to tighten the neck muscles.  With a Simplicity Neck Lift, Dr. Dominic uses a special pulley stitch that can lift and tighten the neck muscles from one access point behind each ear.   The Simplicity Lift is less invasive and less likely to leave any noticeable scars after the procedure, yet offers the same benefits of the more extensive, traditional neck surgery.  Dr. Dominic has been performing the Simplicity Neck Lift for many years with excellent results.

What are the Benefits of the Simplicity Neck Lift?

The Simplicity Neck Lift will tighten up the skin and underlying muscle of the neck to remove the wrinkles and banding.  The appearance of “turkey neck” will be eliminated and the neck returned to a more naturally youthful look.  The procedure will also correct the angle between the chin and neck to establish a well-defined jawline.  Some patients may also need to have facial liposuction to remove jowls or any pockets of fat that obscures the line between the neck and face.   This will help to make your neck look both younger and slimmer at the same time.

If you are interested in finding out if you are a good candidate for a Simplicity Neck Lift, please contact Elite Facial Plastic Surgery to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Dominic.  Elite Facial Plastic Surgery is a fully accredited medical facility under the direction of Dr. Dominic Castellano. Dr. Dominic is a highly respected, board-certified facial plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. The medical team is highly trained and specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and injectable procedures. Call (813) 975-3223 today to schedule your complimentary visit or go to our website for more information www.EliteTampa.com

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