As you focus on maintaining a skin care regimen throughout the winter months to keep on looking young and fresh, it’s easy to forget to care for your lips which also need to be looked after. It’s easy for our lips to become dry, flaky and chapped during the cooler months and when the rest of your face looks glowing, it’s a fast way to ruin a lot of hard facial care work! In order to put your best foot forward every time you walk out the door, try these tips for caring for your dry lips:

1. Drink lots of water – as with the skin, when you drink plenty of water and remain hydrated you’re lips will be far less dry and look more smooth and kissable!

2. Take Vitamin B vitamins – dry, cracked lips can be indicative of a Vitamin B deficiency, so increase your intake with natural sources as well as through use of vitamin supplements.

3. Use Zinc ointment and petroleum jelly for lip protection – overnight and when you’re outside lip and beauty products that contain these substances can help to provide protection against chapping.

4. Exfoliate lips with a soft toothbrush – once per day before applying a lip treatment, buff your lips with a soft toothbrush to remove dead skin.

5. Rule out allergies – chapped lips can occur when you’re allergic to the dye in your lipstick or to the mouthwash or toothpaste you’re using. Talk to your doctor to determine if an allergy could be the cause of your lip problems.

For other solutions that can improve your facial appearance, contact us to discuss skin care procedures!

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