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Two months ago, I wrote about my first Coolscupting treatment in Tampa and wanted to provide an update on my results and experience to date.  I tried Coolsculpting to in an effort to reduce my stubborn belly fat and am pleased to report positive results already.  For those that may not have seen my first blog, I am a physically fit 50 year old woman that lives in Tampa, Fl and I went to Elite Facial Plastic Surgery for my Coolsculpting session.

Stubborn Belly Fat is Really Hard to Reduce

The reason that I decided to try Coolsculpting is that even though I work out religiously and eat a healthy diet, I’ve had a roll of fat around my lower abdomen for years.   Not only do I have the dreaded “muffin top” but also love handles although in my opinion, there is Coolsculpting Patient Belly Before and Afternothing lovely about these fat pockets.   My friends all say that I look fine and that I look very fit, which is true as I am not overweight.  But I hate that I have to get a larger size pair of jeans or pants to fit around my middle which leaves the slacks baggy in places that I wouldn’t mind showing off a bit.  It would also be nice to be comfortable in a 2-piece bathing suit, being that I live in Florida and am surrounded by beautiful beaches.

Over the years, I feel like I’ve followed a reasonable health and fitness routine.  Not one for fad diets or for extreme measures, I go to the gym on average five times a week before work and usually stay for an hour.  I do weight training on three days and take spin class for two for the aerobics.  Plus I am active throughout the week and like to take walks and work in the yard.  This gives me a mostly lean, muscular physique except in the lower ab area.   My diet is based on mostly spinach salads, lean chicken, fruit, nuts and on occasion, a blueberry muffin as a treat.  I do not eat a lot of sweets, potato chips or ice cream but I am not starving myself either.  However, it seems that I cannot reduce my stubborn belly fat and as I get older, it seems to be getting worse because my metabolism is slowing down.

Coolsculpting to Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat

When I heard that Elite Facial Plastic Surgery was going to offer Coolsculpting treatments, I set up an appointment to learn more about the process.  Coolsculpting is relatively new, the technology was introduced in 2008 and the FDA cleared the procedure in September of 2010.  The science behind Coolsculpting is called Cryolipolysis which is a technique that kills off fat cells by freezing the fat cells (and only the fat cells) to death.  There is no surgery involved at all, there is no downtime and the procedure does not harm the skin or any type of cells.

When I arrived at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery a couple of months ago for the treatment, Dr. Castellano explained the process and said that he had undergone the treatment himself.  I saw his before and after photos and also the results of others.  Dr. Castellano and his staff were all wonderful to work with and spent a good amount of time answering all my questions before hooking me up to the Coolsculpting machine.  The treatment was simple and painless.  They attached these large “suction cups” to my abdomen in the areas where I had the most amount of flab.  Then once situated, they turned on the cooling.  Other than an initial slight pinch when my fat was sucked into the machine, the rest of the process was entirely painless.  Although they were freezing off my fat, I didn’t actually feel cold.  If anything, the machine throws off some heat so the temperature was comfortable and all I had to do was sit on the table and relax.  It took about an hour per section but I was able to play on my cell phone and read during the procedure.  Dr. Castellano and several members of Elite Facial Plastic Surgery staff all came in to check on my and make sure that I was comfortable throughout.

Two Months Later, My Stubborn Belly Fat has Decreased

At my first check up a month later, I didn’t see any results at all.  Apparently, it takes up to three months for the now-dead fat cells to leave the body.  I’ll admit I was a little disappointed and had hoped to have quicker results.  However, during the past few weeks, there has been noticeable improvement. My jeans are already fitting better and my stomach is certainly flatter and more firm.  I am really happy that it is working and the best part is that the fat cells are gone for good.  Dr. Castellano said that I can expect to see more results over the next month and that additional treatments on the love handles will make me even leaner.

I would highly recommend the Coolsculpting procedure to my friends and direct them to Elite Facial Plastic Surgery.  While this isn’t a miracle weight loss treatment, it does exactly what they promised it would do…. Reduce my stubborn belly fat.  If you are interested in learning more, set up a complimentary consultation by calling (813) 975-3223. You can also go to for more info.

(Written by Linda Arns, patient of Elite Facial Plastic Surgery in Tampa, Fl)

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