Expert injectors in the Tampa, FL area can’t help but notice the obvious growing popularity of facial fillers. They are gaining popularity because of their effectiveness and the fact that they are widely being supported and promoted by dermatologists and Tampa cosmetic surgeons, as well as countless celebrities. People who have elected to have facial fillers claim that they have received the youthful results they were desiring, which helped boost their confidence. Dr. Dominic at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery wants to go over some of the pros and cons of cosmetic facial fillers to help your decision.


  • Facial fillers can improve the appearance of even the deepest and finest lines and wrinkles from your face.
  • Neuromodulators like BOTOX® Cosmetic can work on any wrinkle or line on the face, including the nose, smile lines and forehead wrinkles, some of the most prominent and stubborn lines.
  • A dermal filler procedure is very easy and quick with the procedure only lasting 15 to 30 minutes and little to no recovery time.
  • You have a few different types of facial fillers to choose from.
  • Facial fillers are all FDA-approved and injected by certified Tampa plastic surgeons.
  • Facial fillers are the most popular treatment for wrinkles and lines and are guaranteed to get you a youthful, firm, wrinkle-free skin.


  • There is a little upkeep and maintenance of injectable fillers and BOTOX. You may need to get more than one injection after the initial facial filler procedure.
  • You will need to avoid exposure to the sun or engaging in strenuous activity.
  • Tampa facial fillers can cause redness, tenderness at the injection site, and occasionally an unpleasant rash most of which clear up quickly on their own.

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