A new trend in plastic surgery is for Americans to travel abroad to get a procedure. Sometimes the idea is that they want to be discreet about their surgery and recover in peace. For others, it’s the ideal that traveling to another country for plastic surgery can save money!  Traveling for plastic surgery can sound appealing, especially when you’re considering going to a location that you’ve always wanted to visit, but there are some major risks.

1. Medical standards aren’t the same – You’re not likely to find a plastic surgeon with American licensing overseas, and the highest caliber of doctors have received training in the US for medicine. This means that a licensed surgeon may not be as qualified or as experienced as a doctor in the US.

2. Doctors in different countries aren’t better qualified to perform surgery on people of a local nationality – this is a myth of plastic surgery! Race typically doesn’t play a role in how a surgery is performed, therefore the specific experience of a doctor working with individuals of a certain background has no bearing. It’s more important to look at qualifications and a proven track record of satisfied patients.

3. Aftercare may differ – there is always a risk of plastic surgery complications, even when it is only minimal. If you require a hospital stay, you may find that the type of care offered is very different than in the US.

4. You’re a long way from home -you can’t travel immediately after surgery, and that may be something that you can plan for. But, you could feasibly end up spending even more time away from home if you had any complications following the surgery. You also won’t have support from friends or family during the period.

5. The cost savings isn’t huge– you may find that the costs of the surgery are a bit cheaper, but by the time you factor travel and accommodations, plus unanticipated costs, you will pay more than you would for a procedure at home.

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