Tips to Treat Stubborn Forehead Lines | Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Tampa FL

The wrinkles and deep lines that appear on our foreheads are a product of years of facial expressions. While these markings are signs that we lived life with every emotion, they can also convey age and create insecurities about our appearance. The Tampa Botox specialists at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery completely understand that you would want to reduce and treat stubborn forehead lines caused by brow-raising, frowning, and daily neglect of sunscreen. Here are some tips for treating the etched lines in your forehead.

1. Find a good makeup primer. A light reflecting primer can camouflage fine lines and will prevent make-up from settling into and emphasizing entrenched furrows.

2. Buy creams that work to plump your lines. Moisturizers that contain peptides and or retinal and retinoid will stimulate collagen to plump your skin and fill in the creases.

3. Frownies. These are self-adhesive bandages that will hold your skin in place in an effort to prevent furrowing while you are asleep.

4. Relax your brow and be aware of your facial expressions. Squinting, crying, concentrating, or being mad are all common facial expressions that contribute to forehead wrinkles. Loosen up the brow muscles to quickly reduce and prevent frown lines.

5. Consider getting bangs. Bangs are a cute way to freshen up your look and conceal deep forehead wrinkles.

6. Invest in cosmetic injectables in Tampa. If all else has failed and those major wrinkles will not respond to over the counter solutions, then you may want to consider Botox in Tampa. You could also look into receiving Tampa Dysport injections which is slightly more affordable. Tampa Xeomin injectables are also a great option since they do not contain any additives and are considered pure.

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