In North America plastic surgery is finally an accepted topic of conversation, but in South Korea it’s become a standard part of life for young people ready to accomplish big things by getting their education. For years, it’s been common for students taking their entrance exams after high school to get cosmetic surgery. Now, there are plastic surgeons in the country taking this trend to the next level by providing discounts on plastic surgery for these students.

South Korean surgeons are rewarding students and getting them prepared for the next stage in life by improving their look. Some plastic surgeons are even offering incentives to the parents with free botox when their kids have a procedure done. After all, too much effort and stress to get a child to succeed in life can cause wrinkles!

In a way, this South Korean trend is encouraging competition where plastic surgery is the prize. With the uproar about the new American television show BridalPlasty, a reality show where the prize is plastic surgery, it appears that South Korea has a much more liberal attitude!

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