As with many physical characteristics that seem to deteriorate with age, bags under the eyes become more apparent too.  Tissue structures around the eyes start to lose strength, and have the tendency to sag and darken.  Fat that is normally set around the eye area starts to sag due to gravity, and the eye area may look puffy and swollen.

Here are some lifestyle factors that contribute to eye bags:

  • Not sleeping properly, or sleeping flat on your back
  • Heredity and genetics
  • Skin problems such as dermatitis around the eyes, or allergic reactions, swelling
  • Water retention due to fluxuations in weather, eating foods with excess sodium, or varying hormone levels (such as menopause)

Symptoms include swelling, loose skin, and darkening pigmentation of the skin

If your case of under eye bags or swelling is severe, it is recommended to see your doctor to rule out kidney or thyroid problems.  Sometimes, if a patient is suffering from dermatitis, the skin around the eyes can become infected and become red and itchy.  It is important to get a proper diagnosis and treatment from a medical professional if you are noticing severe symptoms and are uncomfortable.

At home, you can use a cold compress to relieve swelling around the eyes. Plastic surgery and a variety of skin treatments including chemical peels and laser toning can also help with under eye aesthetics.

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