What Happens During a Facial? | Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Tampa FL

We are all familiar with the term, but do we really know what facials are all about? A treatment actually has many steps that all work together to improve the appearance of the skin. The procedures and products that are used during a facial will vary from person to person because of differing skin types. Facials are tailored to meet the needs of each individual, but they all have a basic routine that is followed.

When the condition of the skin needs to be corrected, individuals will seek out a facial. It is also used to keep skin healthy. Most people will benefit from the procedure which will result in healthier skin. Every facial will consist of cleansing, steaming and the application of appropriate moisturizer.

Depending on the type of skin the client has, there will be different techniques used. For example, for those with normal skin, the skin will be steamed and cleansed and a massage will be given. A moisturizer mask is applied, removed and additional moisturizer applied. For those with acne, there are a few more steps. The skin is cleansed and blackheads and pimples are extracted. Whiteheads are lanced and an acne mask is applied to the skin. Moisturizer designed for acne is then applied to complete the facial.

When treatments are done on a regular basis, the skin should remain radiant and healthy. There is not a skin type that cannot be treated and facials will allow clients to have clean skin and a healthy glow.

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