Many people have heard the term Lifestyle Lift but have little idea of what the procedure entails.  A Lifestyle Lift is really a marketing term to describe a mini-facelift procedure.  The Lifestyle Lift procedure was created to make facelifts more affordable to the public and to reduce the recovery time.  The incisions are smaller than with a traditional facelift and so the recovery time and costs are less.

The Simplicity Lift is utilized by Dr. Dominic Castellano, a facial plastic surgeon in Tampa, he uses a less invasive facelift that requires less recovery time and also costs less than the more traditional full face lift surgery.  While both the Simplicity Lift and Lifestyle Lift share similar goals, there are some very important differences that should be considered:

•  The Lifestyle Lift is a branded marketing term.  The doctor that developed the procedure created a franchise that sells the name to other practitioners to use, as well as the technique behind the surgery.  Other practitioners pay a fee to Lifestyle Lift Corp to benefit from the advertising and sales support for use of the name.  Not all practitioners are board certified in plastic surgery.

•  Simplicity Lift is only available at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, so the procedure is always done with the same high quality by a board certified plastic surgeon in an accredited facility.

•  The Simplicity Lift provides an individualized consultation process which offers more options for the patient to get the desired results.  Patients meet with the doctor for a consultation, during pre-op and throughout every phase of the procedure.

•  By comparison, the Lifestyle Lift is more of a cookie-cutter approach with no individual consultation prior to the surgery.  A patient undergoing the Lifestyle Lift will often not see the practitioner until they are on the operating table.

•  The Lifestyle Lift involves larger incisions yet only the outer layers of skin are tightened to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

•  The Simplicity Lift uses smaller incisions but tightens both the skin and underlying tissue to give a better, more natural and longer lasting results.

•  At Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, surgery is performed in their AAAHC accredited office surgical suite.  This accreditation means the  Elite Facial Plastic Surgery has met  or exceeded extremely high standards of care and provides more options for greater comfort during surgery.  A patient can choose from IV sedation or local anesthesia and will be monitored by qualified medical personnel throughout the operation.

•  The Lifestyle Lift offers only local anesthesia and the work is not necessarily done in an accredited facility.  There have been several reports of post-op infections following Lifestyle Lift procedures.

•  The Simplicity Lift has a high rate of overall satisfaction with little scarring and more natural, longer lasting results.
•  Post op appointments are with the doctor and the staff at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery and each patient is followed for as much as a year post operatively to ensure the best possible outcome and results.

•  Patients that have undergone the Lifestyle Lift have complained of excessive scarring and pain that lasts for weeks following surgery.  Many that have undergone the surgery were discouraged to find that they did not see any of the promised results.  A search of the internet will present many negative reports from disgruntled patients.

If you have considered getting any type of facelift, be sure to check out the doctor’s qualifications, complaint history, success rate, before and after photos, and patient testimonials before moving ahead.  If you have been thinking about getting some work done to restore your youthful appearance, do your research in advance and take the time to meet with Dr. Dominic if you are interested in learning more about a Simplicity Lift.

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