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Fat transfer is safer, longer lasting, and more natural looking than ever before!

Transferring fat from one area of your body to another, has been around for some time now. However, the procedures have been refined and perfected over the past couple of years and more and more people are looking for the best fat transfer facelift in Tampa, Florida.

Today, fat injections are simple. The procedure requires taking excess fat from an area such as the outer thigh, and immediately injecting it into the area of focus. Many patients tend to schedule fat transfer facelift procedures in Tampa in order to correct frown lines, concaved under eyes, jawline, and other areas of their face that lack volume. Other areas that patients tend to repurpose their own fat, is their hands, breasts, or buttocks.

Do you think fat grafting is the right procedure for you? Below are some reasons for when and why you should consider a fat transfer procedure.

  • You have creased or sunken facial areas that you want corrected
  • You have tried fillers and feel that it is time for a more permanent corrective procedure
  • You want to improve your facial or body contour
  • You want younger looking hands or face
  • You want to eliminate scares or fill bodily depressions
  • You want to improve breast irregularities or obvious signs of breast implants

The purpose of seeking out fat grafting is to fill areas that are lacking volume, by using fat from another part of your body that has excess fat. In order to consider this procedure, you must have a site from which fat can be taken.

You should steer clear from fat transfer if you have issues with circulation. Before scheduling your fat transfer procedure, be sure to not only consult your Tampa plastic surgeon, but your general practitioner as well.

At Elite Facial Plastic Surgery Rejuvenation Institute, complimentary consultations are available via online, phone, or in person for your convenience.

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