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Hair loss in women is one of the least talked about conditions partly because most people associate hair loss only with men.  Yet, when looking at the total number of hair loss victims in the US, women account for 40% of the overall cases.  For women, hair loss can be devastating – thinning hair and bald spots take an emotional toll that is seldom discussed.  For women that are losing their hair, the consequences are loss of self-worth, fear of being unattractive and less desirable.  Many women suffer in silence and develop depression as a result.

Hair loss in women can have many different causes. Androgenetic alopecia which causes male pattern baldness also effects women but without the familiar pattern of loss starting in the upper forehead region.  Women with this condition also lose hair but it can occur in many different areas of the scalp though it is most generally noticed on the crown of the head.    The Ludwig scale shows the most common sequence of balding in women but, note that hair loss in women does not always follow a predictable pattern as in men.

Besides alopecia, there are many other types of hair loss associated with women though most are more of a temporary nature.  Stress or trauma can cause thinning hair or complete balding.  Some triggers are childbirth, major surgery, severe infection or major emotional stress.  Loss due to these conditions can last 6 weeks to 3 months, but the hair generally grows back when the issues have passed.  Chemotherapy is another reason for balding in women because the drugs that are used in chemo attack rapidly dividing cells which includes hair follicle cells.  Hair lost to chemotherapy usually will return once the therapy is completed.

Another cause of hair loss in women is created by localized trauma of the hair follicles such as that created by certain hair styles.  African American women with tight corn rows can experience this effect as can women who wear their hair in ponytails.  Any hair that is frequently and tightly pulled back can affect the roots of the hair which leads to loss in those specific areas affected by the hair style.  If detected early enough, the condition can be reversed.  In rare cases, the hair loss can become permanent in areas where the hair follicles are repeatedly injured over a long period of time.

Also, women that have a psychological condition called Trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling) will lose their hair due to the repetitive trauma caused by their plucking.  This hair loss must be treated by addressing the underlying reason for the condition first before hair replacement treatment can be considered.

For conditions that result in permanent hair loss, the Simplicity Hair Restoration available at the Elite Facial Plastic Surgery can restore a woman’s full head of hair without any noticeable scars or visible marks of any kind.  If you would like information about the Simplicity Hair Restoration, call us today for a complimentary consultation or visit our website www.jasinfacial.com.

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