Living in Tampa means that skin blemishes, especially those caused by sun exposure, are always a concern.  The sun can make us look bronzed and healthy but it can also create wrinkles, age spots and blemishes.  Our once fair skin loses its healthy glow and makes us feel older and less attractive. Once we start noticing these changes in our skin, it’s too late to go back and listen to the advice we got about sunscreen and limiting exposure.  It’s time to find a way to reverse some of the damage and get back the look of younger, vibrant skin.  One of the best ways to reduce skin blemishes is with laser resurfacing.

Treatment of Skin Blemishes and Wrinkles 

Laser resurfacing is a technique used by cosmetic surgeons to reduce and eliminate many different types of skin blemishes. Skin Blemishes Patient Before and After Using a high-tech laser, surgeons are able to remove the top layer of skin.  They are also able to reach into the deeper layers underneath the dermis.  When the skin heals, the skin blemishes are eliminated or greatly reduced.  This technique is effective on many different types of blemishes as well as scars from acne or injury.  A benefit of laser resurfacing is that the laser is precise, so the majority of the skin surface is not injured. The laser treats the blemishes without harming the surrounding tissue.

Laser resurfacing is also an effective way to treat wrinkles.  Dr. Dominic Castellano of Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, uses the Erbium (YAG) laser because it gives him greater control.  He is able strategically to target areas of the skin that require treatment.  Laser resurfacing causes the collagen to contract, reducing wrinkles.  Although can target specific areas to reduce wrinkles, the laser can be used on the entire face to remove skin blemishes.

Is Laser Resurfacing Safe to Treat Blemishes?

If you have looked in the mirror and noticed age spots that weren’t there before or other skin blemishes that detract from your appearance, laser resurfacing may be the perfect solution.  When the procedure is performed in an accredited facility under the care of a certified cosmetic surgeon, it is safe and effective.  There is a much shorter recovery period than there is with surgical procedures.  You can actually look younger and have a clearer complexion in a matter of days with minimal downtime.

Is Laser Resurfacing the Best Way to Remove my Skin Blemishes?

Certain other characteristics of your skin, such as its thickness and texture, may influence whether you are a good candidate for laser resurfacing. Each patient has unique needs.   For this reason, Elite Facial Plastic Surgery offers complimentary consultations. During the consultation you will learn more about each procedure and determine which one is right for you. Elite Facial Plastic Surgery is a fully accredited facility staffed with a medical team that is well trained in laser resurfacing.  They are also trained in many other surgical and non-surgical methods of improving the skin’s appearance.  Call (813) 975-3223 today to schedule your complimentary visit or go to our website for more information.

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