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For many, a full head of hair represents youth, attractiveness, vigor, and desirability, both personally and professionally.  Over 40 million men and women suffer from hair loss such as thinning hair, a receding hairline or baldness, which can affect self-confidence.  But there is an innovative new solution.

The Jasin Hair Transplant is the new, least invasive way to restore the head of hair you once had in your youth.  This procedure requires no incisions, sutures, staples and no scars.  This procedure provides a faster recovery as well as a seamless head of natural, healthy looking hair.

In the past, Florida hair restoration patients had only surgical options for hair transplantation.  The “strip method” which is still used by many hair transplant providers today, requires cutting a strip of scalp from the back of the head and harvesting the hair for transfer to areas of hair loss.  This is a painful technique that leaves a significant incision that must be stapled or sutured for up to 14 days.  Not only is the downtime from work and activities significant, but a long scar will remain long after the surgery is completed.  For patients that like to wear their hair short, this scar can be visibly noticeable and unattractive.  Also, some patients that have undergone this method have reported lasting pain and numbness since the scalp has many nerve endings which are disturbed by this process.

The Jasin Hair Transplant offers a key difference in how hair is extracted for transplant.  The process is automated and there are no cuts made into the scalp.  Your healthy hair follicles are extracted with very small (1mm) punches and in effect, vacuumed from the recipient site.  This gentle harvest of “follicular units” will provide 1 to 4 healthy hairs that can then be replaced into areas where hair loss has occurred.  The hairs are inserted back into the scalp to mimic the hair lost so it will re-grow in the same angle and direction as the original hair.  This method involves less manipulation which means far less trauma and healthier hair grafts.  Hair restoration is performed by experienced experts at our fully-accredited facilities.

For women, hair loss is particularly difficult and seldom discussed.  But the Jasin Hair Transplant will work for women as well as for men.  Because the follicles are harvested without any surgery, women can continue to wear their hair long and there is no need for a buzz cut or removal of a large swath of hair.  So the the Jasin Hair Transplant is less noticeable than any other method available today.

The Jasin Hair Transplant is a permanent solution that transplants your healthy hair follicles to areas of your scalp where loss occurred.  Once transplanted, your healthy and natural hair will grow back without any incisions, sutures, staples or scars.  Schedule a consultation with Elite Facial Plastic Surgery today to learn more about our Jasin Hair Transplant procedure.


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