Whether you’re hoping for fast hair regrowth after a hair transplant procedure like NeoGraft, or want to add a little bit of shine to your mane, or find yourself experiencing dry hair during the winter months, there are some quick fixes that you can find in your household. Your kitchen just so happens to be a great source for beauty products that are natural and effective!

1. Use olive oil – a little bit of aloive oil can go along way and help moisturize your hair after it’s been washed. Apply the olive oil as you would other hair care products. Massage a small portion between your hands and rub it through your tresses.

2. Try beer – beer isn’t just for drinking, it’s also a beneficial beauty product. The yeast is cleansing and can act like a clarifying shampoo, and that leaves your hair much shinier! It also moisturizes.

3. Go with tomato – tomato juice isn’t just good for getting rid of the smell of skunk when your dog or cat has wandered too close to another furry friend. It can also remove discoloration due to chlorine or build up of other product!

4. Try vinegar – vinegar is a great natural cleansers and can remove hair product build up. But did you know that it’s also a great natural detangler? Make sure that you mix it with water (half water half vinegar) and use it after shampooing, before you condition. Your hair will be shiny and tangle free!

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