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Innovative Fat Transfer and Stem Cell Facelifts in Tampa

Innovative Fat Transfer and Stem Cell Facelifts in Tampa Result in “Simplicity”

Dr. Michael Jasin has refined the traditional facelift, combining fat transfer with a Simplicity Facelift at his practice and med spa in Tampa.

Tampa, Florida (October 2011) – Facial rejuvenation is a complex process, and many times, surgery is necessary to achieve the desired level of rejuvenation. While in the past women and men may have had limited options, Dr. Michael E. Jasin, a facelift surgeon in Tampa, Florida, has expanded those options with his innovative “Simplicity Face Lift” combined with a fat transfer procedure. When combined, these two procedures help improve the overall facial appearance through less invasive means than older, more traditional facelift methods.

“I am very pleased to offer my patients less invasive options for facial rejuvenation,” says Dr. Jasin. “I’ve been in this industry for several years, and as this field continues to grow, we are constantly discovering better ways to perform facial rejuvenation. I’ve come to find that both what I call the ‘Simplicity Face Lift,’ as well as fat transfer procedures, help improve the appearance of my patients’ facial appearance without resulting in an unnatural or pulled look.”

At his med spa in Tampa, Dr. Jasin and his team offer surgical and non-surgical facial procedures designed to help women and men appear more youthful. By combining surgical and non-surgical treatments, patients can achieve a more comprehensive rejuvenation. Dr. Jasin and his aesthetician aim to create an environment where patients can have their treatment and recovery in a relaxed environment with a touch of luxury.

“When patients come to my practice to improve their facial appearance, I evaluate their aesthetic goals and the options for achieving those goals,” explains Dr. Jasin. “I typically try to opt for the least invasive method possible for my patients in order to help reduce their downtime and help them quickly return to their regular routines. For many of my patients, a BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment in Tampa is just what they need to smooth out dynamic wrinkles, such as fine lines on their foreheads.”

Along with surgical options to improve the face, the Elite Facial Plastic Surgery offers patients laser treatments for the skin, including vein removal. For patients looking for an array of aesthetic services, Dr. Jasin performs a variety of procedures designed with the patient in mind. By using up-to-date technology and employing innovative methods, he is able to create beautiful results that require minimal downtime when compared with more traditional methods.

At the Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, we strive to provide you with a simple yet fulfilling experience. To learn more about our Tampa, Florida facial plastic surgery practice, please request a complimentary consultation online, or call our office at 813-975-3223. We look forward to helping you improve your appearance and your confidence.

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