Brow Lift FAQs

What can a Brow Lift do for me?

A brow lift can remove frown lines, smooth deep furrows in the forehead, lift heavy or drooping eyebrows, and open up the eye area, resulting in a more youthful relaxed look to the upper face.

What is the difference between a Brow Lift and a Facelift?

A facelift addresses the lower portion of the face, not the area around and above the eyes.

Can a Brow Lift be combined with other procedures?

Yes. Many patients choose to have a forehead lift in combination with a facelift, eyelid lift, BOTOX® and/or laser skin resurfacing.

Will a Brow Lift leave scars?

All surgeries leave some scarring. The crucial question is whether those scars will be visible. During a forehead lift the incisions are made in the hairline, so scars are not usually visible.

What is recovery like?

There will be some initial swelling and bruising, which is usually mild and will begin to subside in a few days, and should disappear in about two weeks. You may also experience some numbness which will go away gradually. You can resume normal, light activity at this point, but should avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for three to four weeks.

How long will the results last?

Several years. A brow lift does not stop the aging process, but you will always look younger than you would have without the surgery.

Are there alternatives to Brow Lift surgery?

Yes. During your complimentary initial consultation we will discuss your needs and goals, and depending on your unique needs, you may find that BOTOX® Cosmetic, laser skin resurfacing, and/or an eyelid lift will better suit your needs.

If you still have questions about forehead lifts, contact us today or request your complimentary consultation.

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