Pre and Post Op Skin and Health FAQs

How do SkinMedica products help me with my skin before and after surgery?

The SkinMedica skincare product system enhances the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures by preparing your skin for any trauma associated with the treatment. After the procedure, SkinMedica products help your skin return to normal and to tolerate and reduce complications. It restores skin health by correcting and stimulating its regular functions, which works to achieve a better overall result from both surgical as well as non-surgical procedures. SkinMedica products even help lessen the acuteness of hyperpigmentation (skin darkening), the duration of skin redness due to capillary dilation. They prevent the small, cyst-like developments known as “milia” and can be used to successfully treat any flare-ups due to skin irritation.

My skin is very dry. Is it safe to use SkinMedica products prior to surgery, which may dry it out further?

SkinMedica skin care products have been thoroughly tested and are safe to use on any type of skin regardless of condition, age or tone.

Can I purchase SkinMedica from anyone except my doctor?

No. Because SkinMedica products are prescription strength and potentially harmful if not used with special training, such as undergone by your doctor and his staff, the Federal Drug Administration regulates their use. By following the directions of your physician when using SkinMedica skin care products, you may avoid adverse reactions.

Why is it important for me to consume the VitaMedica supplements you provide before my surgery?

Wound healing is impeded when patients are not nutritionally sound. Because the goal of a successful surgery is to have you looking good and back to your normal lifestyle, we want you to heal as quickly and scar-free as possible and have therefore supplied this supplement to give you every opportunity to do so.

What does VitaMedica have in it that helps me heal?

Arnica and Bromelaine are two ingredients in the VitaMedica supplement thought to reduce swelling and bruising and to promote healing. Other ingredients in the supplement, including Vitamin E, which is included after surgery (it is contraindicated prior to surgery), help you to achieve a nutritional balance that encourages not only healthy skin but overall health, as well.

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