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Full lips represent your sexuality, sensuality, and feminine allure. The appearance of our lips has a major impact on the way others respond to us and how we feel about ourselves- our confidence about our attractiveness, especially when it comes to our faces, is heavily influenced by the fullness and shape of our lips. Having that natural ‘pout’ is associated with youthfulness and is the most desirable characteristic of ‘attractive’ lips.

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Once Full Lips Change Over Time

Aging causes us to lose that youthful and energetic look in our pout, but other factors can decrease softness and volume such as smoking and sun damage. Once the lips lose their luster, there’s no amount of lipstick of lip liner that’s going to revive their appearance. Different types of fillers may offer us a great way to add volume, but those methods can be very temporary.  Augmenting the lips, or getting lip implants, is the most successful way to permanently create full lips.

Lip implants improve and enhance your natural beauty by reducing wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth and creating sexy full lips- giving you that sensual pout.

There are two major characteristics that must be achieved for lip augmentation to have the best results- the lips must LOOK natural and they must FEEL natural too. The key to getting the best results is keeping a realistic outlook from the start. Your body has its limitations, and overdoing it or opting for a sizable implant will produce fake looking results. “Every person’s lips are different, working with your doctor to choose the right procedure for you will guarantee the best results.” says Dr. Michael Jasin, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Tampa, FL.

Many Options for Lip Implants

There are many amazing options for lip implants- this cosmetic procedure is not one size fits all. Discuss your expectations with your doctor to pick the best method for you.

If you are considering lip implants and would like to meet with Dr. Jasin and the medical team at the Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, please call for a complimentary consultation. Contact Elite Facial Plastic Surgery at (813) 975-3223 or visit the website at www.JasinFacial.com.



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