When is the Right Time for What Cosmetic Procedures?

Ever wonder at what age it is appropriate to get what procedure?

If the question has crossed your mind, you are not alone. Some people like to get a head start on treatments in order to avoid signs of aging and decrease permanent lines. Others wait until they start to see noticeable signs of aging; such as: deepened lines, droopy skin, and an overall increase in wrinkles.

On top of your own worries about future procedures, there are always influencing peers who place emphasis on taking a much more proactive approach to receiving cosmetic procedures.

To avoid spending an unnecessary amount of money on premature procedures, Elite Facial Plastic Surgery experts have mapped out a timeline for when you should be getting what procedure.

Botox for your 30s!

By your 30s, small doses of Botox injected between the eyebrows and in the crow’s-feet area are beneficial. Botox in these two areas will drastically slow the signs of aging, by inhibiting muscle activity in the area.

Fillers for your 40s!

In your 40s, thin skin and hollowness set in, as collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and fat are lost. Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm will lift the skin and cease deep lines and wrinkles from forming.

Cosmetic Surgery for your 50s!

In your 50s, your skin will become loose and saggy. If noninvasive procedures are long lasting for you and are effective in tightening up the lower half of your face, then avoid getting surgery. However, if you are no longer getting the same results, surgery is the next step to consider.

60s and Beyond!

At this age and moving onward, it is important to maintain your results. For example, if you followed through with a facelift in your 50s, then continue maintaining the results afterwards with injectable fillers and lasers, in order to prolong the results and avoid aging. If you were able to avoid invasive cosmetic surgery in your 50s, then your 60s may be the time to consider correcting loose skin with a facelift procedure.

At Elite Facial Plastic Surgery, our expert injectors cater to the needs of the patient. The timeline above is provided in order to give you a rough estimate for when to consider starting what procedures. However, Elite Facial Plastic Surgery specialists know all too well that not every face is the same. Some age quicker than others and may have to consider getting certain treatments sooner, for better and long lasting results.

If you are interested in learning more about upcoming procedures that you may need, call Elite Facial Plastic Surgery today and schedule a consultation with our highly qualified plastic surgeon!

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