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Male Rhinoplasty Patient After Photo


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Are you considering rhinoplasty? You’ve reached the right surgeon for your needs, double board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Dominic Castellano. He understands that rhinoplasty, also called a nose job, at his practice in Tampa, FL is a surgical procedure that is very unique to every single patient.  No two noses are alike.  You need a customized treatment plan that will address your needs and concerns.  We know you’ve looked in the mirror thousands of times.  You’ve analyzed those selfies or family pictures hundreds of times.  We know, because in addition to all of our rhinoplasty patients, several of our staff members have had a nose job as well.  We know how much it bothers you.  One of our patients put it best:

“I can’t believe I walked around with this nose for all of my life until I finally got the courage to call Dr. Dominic.  I really didn’t think it would make such a dramatic impact.  Before the nose job, I would go to extreme lengths to even adjust my face before a family picture so it didn’t get my bad side.  My nose looks so good now, I don’t care what angle the picture is taken from.  My confidence is through the roof.  I love it.  Thank you!”

To find out more about cosmetic surgery and non-invasive procedures at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery in Tampa, Florida, please request a complimentary consultation online, or call our office at 813-975-3223. We look forward to helping you improve your appearance and your confidence.

Rhinoplasty Expert

Dr. Dominic Castellano is a double board certified expert facial surgeon with special emphasis on cosmetic and reconstructive rhinoplasty.  Dr. Dominic has a passion for a proportionate nose. He ensures that not only will you obtain the best results from this complex procedure but the most aesthetically pleasing as well.  Dr. Dominic takes the time to meet with you one on one and discuss in every detail the benefits and expectation for this procedure.

A rhinoplasty surgery by Dr. Dominic can change the following*:

  • Nose size to more proportionally match your facial structures
  • Nose width
  • Change the nose profile, especially with noticeable depressions or humps
  • Nasal tips which are large and bulbuous, drooping or too upturned
  • Reduce nostril size
  • Improve breathing

Rhinoplasty Procedure

Tampa Rhinoplasty Patient After Photo


Tampa Rhinoplasty Patient Before Photo


A rhinoplasty procedure is a very complex plastic surgery procedure as your nose is often your most defining facial feature.  Dr. Dominic is very careful in not over-working or under-working your nose surgery as any slight alterations can greatly impact your appearance and lead to an unnatural look.  Many of our patients have also undergone chin implants and neck surgery as well to enhance the appearance of their profile. The appearance and shape of one’s profile can be dependent upon the harmony between the nose, chin and neck.

Free Consultation

Don’t be nervous.  The first step is the hardest.  Dr. Dominic will personally meet with you during your consultation to address and answer all of your questions.  Call 813-975-3223 or fill out the online form to schedule a free consultation today.  Don’t put it off any longer.

*The results and experiences depicted illustrate results you may achieve if you choose to have a plastic surgery procedure.  Individual results and experiences may vary by patient.

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