Plastic surgery can be positively life-changing, and  it’s essential that all patients do their research, talk to their prospective surgeon about their needs and concerns, and ensure that they’re perfectly comfortable with their decision so they love their cosmetic enhancements. Plastic surgery isn’t the only option, there are non-surgical procedures that can be completed in the same clinic; so if going under the knife isn’t right for you, another cosmetic procedure can help you enhance your favorite attributes.

So how do you know what your best option is to help enhance your looks in the way you desire?

1) Talk to your doctor – a plastic surgeon can assess your needs and will help you decide if you’ll get the results you’re looking for best from plastic surgery or non-surgical procedures. You should be provided with an honest opinion to help you form your decision.

2) Understand the costs – before making your decision, you should get a grasp of the costs of both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.  Determine which one best suits your budget for the changes you’d like to see.

3) Consider the time you have to recover – a non-surgical procedure like Botox often offers a faster recovery time (or none at all) than plastic surgery, so if you have limited time and opportunity for a complex surgery, your decision may be made! Simplified cosmetic surgeries can also be selected from, like the Simplicity Neck Lift in place of a full Face Lift.

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