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Natural Looking Facelifts

Since 1986, Elite Facial Plastic Surgery has been helping men and women look their best with plastic surgery. Facelift surgery at our Tampa practice is no exception. Our team is dedicated to giving patients facelifts that look natural and don't exhibit common unwanted...

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3 Things You Should Know about CoolSculpting

The CoolSculpting® professionals at our Tampa practice realize that many people are looking for that magical fix for stubborn fat around various parts of the body that will not go away no matter how much they diet and exercise. The bad news is, there is no magic fix....

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The Secret to a Youthful Face

Are implants the best kept secret to a lifted and younger face? Elite Facial Plastic Surgery of Tampa, Florida believes that strong cheekbones reflect light and add symmetry to the face. Cheek bones are the scaffolding that holds up our faces. Unfortunately, as we...

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3 Surprising Uses for Botox

Elite Facial Plastic Surgery can’t believe that in less than 20 years Botox has come such a long way from the military science labs, and is now FDA approved for the treatment of frown lines! Botox has become a verb used in everyday vocabulary with astounding...

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2016 Cosmetic Surgery Projections

The latest American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery statistics report shows that cosmetic procedures fell slightly from 2013 to 2014. Despite the slight decrease, patients who have already underwent a cosmetic surgery procedure still have to take the proper...

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Kybella vs Necklift

The neck is an area of the body that is generating a lot of interest lately in the regards to appearance and methods of which to treat the neck and the signs of aging. There many techniques in which Tampa cosmetic surgeons treat aging necks, including neck lifts and...

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Top Rhinoplasty Myths

For the past several years, rhinoplasty has ranked as one of the top cosmetic surgical procedures, according to the American Society for Plastic Surgery. Approximately 220,000 people underwent the procedure last year, in the U.S. alone. Despite popularity, there are a...

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How to Get Rid of Turkey Neck

Turkey neck is the aging phenomena that is caused when the skin underneath the chin becomes loose and saggy, and has an uncanny resemblance to a turkey’s wattle. Turkey neck can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons such as aging, weight loss, or genetic reasons....

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