I’ve been working out at a gym for years in Tampa and eating a lean diet of salads and chicken but I still have stubborn belly fat that droops over my jeans.  Mind you, I’m not overweight, but I still have pockets of fat that just will not respond to either diet or exercise.  My “muffin top” often forces me to wear larger pants that fit my waist but that are too baggy on my legs.  So when a friend suggested that I try Coolsculpting to eliminate fat cells, I was intrigued.

Coolscupting to Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat

Coolsculpting is a new technology that helps destroy fat cells permanently while leaving healthy skin and muscle tissue unaffected.  It is non-invasive, which means that there is no surgery involved.  So there are no scalpels, needles, cuts or stitches required… and no downtime is required for healing.  While I have Coolsculpting in Progressalways hated the extra belly fat, this solution seemed perfect because I’d never consider liposuction or any laser treatments that would require time off from either work or the gym.

I scheduled my first Coolsculpting session at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery in Tampa and met with plastic surgeon Dr. Dominic Castellano and one of the technicians for an assessment.   They ask about your area of concern, for me, stubborn belly fat, and then do a grab test to see if you are a good candidate for Coolsculpting. The procedure works best on what they called “fluffy fat” which is below the skin but above the muscle tissue.  The areas that are most commonly treated are the abdominal area, thighs, on the back near the bra strap and below the butt.  There are other places that Coolsculpting will work but these cover most areas of concern to most women.

Easy Procedure to Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat

The procedure took only an hour so I could do it over a long lunch.  It was surprisingly painless and easy.  I arrived at the office wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt for easy access to the area.  Once in the office,  they reassessed the abdominal area and drew some markings on my belly.  Then they used a simple tool to determine which of the Coolsculpting attachments would provide the best suction in order to grab the most fat cells.  At that point, I lay back on the table and they applied a cool wet sheet over the treatment area.  The machine was attached via a long tube and once situated, they turned on the suction.  Other than a quick little pinch, there was absolutely no pain at all.  It was cool for only a few minutes before the area went numb and I settled in to wait for the procedure to end.

During the treatment, I was comfortable on the table and was able to read and get some work done on my smart phone.  The doctor and the tech checked on me at least every 15 minutes to be sure that all was going well and to ask if I needed anything.  I also had a button to push in case I wanted to get the staffs attention.  After an hour, the tech came to turn off the machine and remove the attachments.  Once lifted, I had a large “butter stick” on my abdomen caused by the suction of the equipment.  This went down quickly when they massaged the area.  I was then free to go about my day as normal.

I was worried that I would feel some pain the next day but the area was still numb to the touch.  Not that I felt different when moving about or anything but when I put my hand on the belly fat that was treated, the area was tingly numb.  Over the next few days, I went to the gym as normal, went to work, and did everything without any issues or impact.  A week later, the slight swelling from the procedure was gone but my stomach looked the same.  This is exactly what Dr. Dominic described.  He said it takes up to 3 months before the results actually show and asked me to come back into the office in a month for a check-up.  So, now I wait for the fat cells to leave my body and for my belly to get flatter.  Dr. Dominic actually had the procedure as well even though he is already pretty lean.  I saw pictures of his before and after and there is definitely a difference several months later.

Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery in Tampa

I’ve told my friends about the experience with Coolsculpting and have recommended that they set up an appointment to see if they are good candidates.  The consultation is free so it does not hurt to go in and learn more.  I’m glad I had it done, and will be really happy once the results start to show.  I will write again after three months to share more about my treatment to reduce my stubborn belly fat.

Thanks to Dr. Dominic and to everyone at Elite Facial Plastic Surgery.  I appreciated the great treatment and am happy with everything so far.  See you again soon.  Linda

PS – call them at (813) 975-3223 or go to www.EliteTampa.com for info

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