Are you unhappy with your primary rhinoplasty procedure? If you had an unqualified or inexperienced plastic surgeon, you might have deformities such as an irregular tip, crooked bridge, or unaddressed cosmetic desires. Poorly executed rhinoplasty procedures can also leave you with functional complications. This could include collapsed cartilage or narrowed airways that make it harder to breathe. Whatever the reasons, you’re unhappy with your first nose job. Now what?

How to Fix a Bad Nose Job

Cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty are permanent. This means home remedies or other non-invasive procedures won’t resolve your concerns. The only way to correct your first rhinoplasty is with a second procedure. While treating a botched plastic surgery with another one may feel counterintuitive. But, revision rhinoplasty is your best choice to reach your cosmetic desires.

It’s important to understand that just because you are unhappy with your first rhinoplasty doesn’t mean another cosmetic surgeon can’t provide the rhinoplasty results you desire. Below we’ll outline the revision rhinoplasty procedure, results, cost, and recovery so you can better understand how a second cosmetic procedure can correct the first one.

Revision Rhinoplasty


Revision rhinoplasty can correct both cosmetic and functional problems caused by your first procedure. This procedure is different and often more complicated than a primary rhinoplasty. Your rhinoplasty surgeon will need to account for scar tissue, scarred skin, new deformities, and small nasal passages. This is why finding a good plastic surgeon is paramount for your revision rhinoplasty.

Your surgeon reshapes your bone and cartilage to create your desired nose shape. Depending on the state of your nose, your plastic surgeon may sand the bone, graft cartilage, remove cartilage and bone, or re-break the bone to reshape and contour your appearance. This entire procedure typically takes between 1-3 hours.


Your revision rhinoplasty will give you an improved appearance that balances your nose with the rest of your face. Your new plastic surgeon can correct the irregular tip, crooked bridge, and all other deformities that your first rhinoplasty caused. If you have functional problems, you can correct these with revision rhinoplasty as well.


Revision rhinoplasty typically costs more than a primary rhinoplasty as the procedure is more complicated. Costs vary depending on your reconstruction needs, but a typical revision rhinoplasty costs around $8,000-$15,000.


The recovery from revision rhinoplasty is significantly shorter and less painful than a primary rhinoplasty. During the first few days, your swelling and bruising will subside, and you can return to work. The full recovery typically takes a few weeks, which is different from the six to twelve months needed for a primary rhinoplasty.

How to Find a Good Plastic Surgeon

Now that you understand that revision rhinoplasty is your only solution to correct the unwanted results of your first cosmetic procedure, the next step is finding a good plastic surgeon. There are two primary steps: research and consultations.

Do your research into plastic surgeons that perform revision rhinoplasty. Learn as much as you can about their practice, including client reviews, and then schedule a consultation to talk to them further in person. Ask them questions about their education, experience, and their approach to correcting your nose. The best plastic surgeons for revision rhinoplasty are double-board certified who tailor their procedures to your exact needs and cosmetic desires. 

How Soon Can I Get Revision Rhinoplasty?

Once you find the right plastic surgeon for your revision rhinoplasty, you may have to wait before you receive the procedure. You can’t receive a revision rhinoplasty while you’re still healing from your first procedure. While you may notice undesirable results early in your healing process, you must wait. The typical recovery time of rhinoplasty is six to twelve months, at which point any residual swelling will have resolved.

While it may be too soon for your revision rhinoplasty, it’s never too late. If you had your first rhinoplasty years ago, a revision rhinoplasty can still correct complications and undesired results. If you are unhappy with your first rhinoplasty and your nose is completely healed, you’re ready for a revision rhinoplasty, no matter how long ago your first procedure took place.

Is Revision Rhinoplasty Worth It?

If you’re still conflicted about getting a second plastic surgery when your first one was such an unpleasant experience, it’s important to know that revision rhinoplasty is worth it. If you’re unhappy with your nose or have functional problems, revision rhinoplasty can help you look and breathe better. There are no other ways to reach your desired cosmetic results other than revision rhinoplasty. If you want an appearance you’re happy with and a nose that functions properly, then revision rhinoplasty is worth it.

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