While hair loss treatments can address thinning hair and hair loss in general, there are some dietary changes that you can make in order to keep your hair healthy and full. The following foods also contribute to a healthy scalp!

1. Lean protein – lean protein can keep hair healthy. Fish, eggs, beans, cheese and yogurt are all great food items to choose from. Protein that contains high levels of testosterone on the other hand shouldn’t be consumed in large quantities as this hormone can contribute to hair loss.

2. Foods with Silica – silica can be found in bean sprouts and cucumber skins. It helps the body better absorb vitamins and minerals, including those that benefit hair health.

3. Seafood – seafood is a source of Zinc which is often lacking in men that suffer from hair loss. A diet that includes seafood can help prevent hair loss or encourage regrowth, even following a hair transplant procedure.

4. Raisins – the iron in raisins can help increased hemoglobin in the body and encourage blood circulation. This can help stimulate hair growth in the scalp and prevent general hair loss, but it can also allow new hair to grow more quickly.

By including the above good in your diet you can both attempt to prevent hair loss and encourage regrowth of hair following a hair transplant surgery, like the NeoGraft method procedure.

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