In Tampa, our MicroLaserPeel clients experience immediate, lasting results with minimal discomfort, and little time off. MicroLaserPeel is the perfect step between microdermabrasion and full skin resurfacing. This minimally invasive procedure treats imperfections of the skin such as lines and wrinkles, brown spots, acne scars, moles and other skin lesions as well as scars due to trauma or surgery.

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The laser removes layers of skin to treat problems both in the top layer of the skin (epidermis), as well as in the dermis, the deeper layer of skin. As the skin heals, collagen in the skin is remodeled. This produces tightening of the skin and a smoother, healthier, and overall more youthful appearance.

Elite Facial Plastic Surgery will provide you with a simple yet fulfilling experience. To learn more about our skin rejuvenation services, please request a complimentary consultation online, or call our office at 813-975-3223. We look forward to helping you improve your appearance and your confidence.

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What is MicroLaserPeel?

A MicroLaserPeel removes a thin layer of damaged skin to improve texture and provide a more youthful appearance. It provides superior results because it can be administered with great precision of depth. The procedure is performed in your physician’s office and can be custom tailored to your specific skin conditions and desired outcome.

Expertise with Injectables

Dr. Dominic Castellano uses the palette of cosmetic injectables with an impeccable attention to detail, improving each patient's appearance with a customized treatment plan. In the hands of a skilled injector, products such as BOTOX®, JUVÉDERM®, RADIESSE®, and Restylane® can minimize wrinkles and create attractive, natural-looking contours.

Your Injectable Options

How does MicroLaserPeel work?

The MicroLaserPeel’s beam is scanned over a treatment area to remove a very thin layer of the skin. This top layer of damaged cells can give skin a tired, aged look. As the skin heals, fresh cells grow and resurface the treated area. The result is healthier-looking skin, often with reduced wrinkles and improved color evenness. Patients often say that it looks like their skin went from looking tired to vibrant.

What conditions can be treated?

  • Mild wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Keratoses
  • Sun damage (e.g., freckles)
  • Pigment irregularities

Microlaserpeel Female Patient Front Right Before and AfterWho should consider a MicroLaserPeel?

The patient looking for better results than microdermabrasion or light chemical peels can offer, yet, still has little time for the healing process.

What areas of the body can be treated?

Most skin areas can be treated. Popular treatment areas are the face and neck, though some people also treat the chest and hands. You should discuss your needs with your physician.

Dr. Dominic Castellano

Double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

Board certified in both facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology (head-neck surgery), Dr. Dominic performs cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face and neck exclusively. His expertise and exceptional outcomes earned him the 2019 Top Doc award for facial plastic surgeon by Tampa Magazine.

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How many treatments will I need?

Excellent results can be obtained in just one treatment, however the number of treatments needed may vary from patient to patient. Your physician can personalize a plan based on your specific needs and may chose to combine MicroLaserPeel with other aesthetic procedures to further personalize your treatment.

What can patients expect?

Smoother, healthier more vibrant skin. You will notice a significant and immediate change in skin texture and tightness when compared to microdermabrasion.

How long is the healing process?Microlaserpeel Female Patient Front Left Before and After

The healing process varies from patient to patient but will generally take from two to four days. The procedure can be performed on Thursday or Friday and you can return to work the following Monday. Immediately following the procedure you will feel as if you have bad sunburn. You will have minor sloughing and itchiness the following day. By day two, redness will begin to fade and by day three any redness can be easily covered by makeup.

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